Global Electronics Return Policy

Return Policy

There is NO refund or credit for Software, Support or Warranty products.

Global Electronics, Ltd. (Global) will accept a return of products manufactured by Global Electronic Products only, within the first 30 days from date of shipment (Return Period).  If there have been multiple shipments, the Return Period begins from the date of the first shipment.  All requests for return must be made in writing and be received by Global Electronics prior to the expiration of the Return Period.   A Return Merchandise Authorization Number will be issued and must accompany all returns.  All returned material MUST be in its original packaging AND in saleable NEW condition.  In addition:

Þ       Equipment MUST be in the original, unopened, undamaged packaging
Þ       Equipment MUST be in new condition with NO evidence of use or installation
Þ       Equipment MUST be received by Global within 60 days of first shipment
Þ       Return AND credit must be approved by Global prior to return

To effect a return and receive a credit, all accessories, Hardware, CD’s License Disks and Instructions must be returned.   The CREDIT  amount is exclusive of  freight and a 35% restocking fee.