Computer Operating System Guidelines and Policy


The products that Global produces, recommends and sells  ("Products") are not for casual or non-business use.  They affect many individuals including owners, managers and most importantly, their customers.  Therefore these Products are used in a Mission Critical Environment.  Due this truly "mission critical" application which Axcys solution provides, Global believes it has a responsibility, to itself and its customers, to recommend only the most stable environment(s) in which to use its products.  Consistent with this, it is Global position not to support any new operating systems, or other new technology of any kind, until thoroughly tested and proven in similar mission critical application(s)/environment(s) over an extended time period.


This is NOT to say that the systems won't work just fine in new or leading edge environments.  We will do our best to assist customers who want to explore these new options. However, you (the customer/user etc) must understand, that should YOU decide to use a platform that is not formally supported by Global, YOU are taking sole responsibility and YOU agree to indemnify and hold harmless Global for any issue(s) that may arise including, but not limited to any loss of tenants, time, income, expense etc. due to system failure - at any time. 

Minimum System Requirements

Global's software will run perfectly on the following Windows Operating Systems:
Windows 7 32bit and 64bit
Windows 10 32bit and 64bit
Recomment maximum available RAM for Win7 and Win10
Fastest processor available
500Gig or greater Hard Disk size