Mux/Remote Power & Data Wire Diagram

Data Wire Installation
Data wires are attached the connector labeled Data.  RS485 communication protocol uses polarity sensitive wiring.  Communication wiring must be to the specification listed previously in this document.  Attach the positive wire to the connector position Labeled Data +, the negative to the position labeled Data – and the drain wire to the position labeled GND.
At the Computer end, all data wires must be joined at a single location.  Be sure to maintain proper polarity throughout. Use a terminal block or barrier strip to accomplish this.  From the barrier strip, a single pair of wires need to make its way to the comunicator where it will use the supplied green connector.
Mux/Remote Power & Data Wire Diagram
A drain wire from the shield MUST be attached to the GND  Data Connector to protect the device from Lightning!  Only connect the drain wire to the remote end!  Power Section for more information.

18VDC + Power -


Data Connector  +  Drain -