Global Electronics, Ltd., established in 1995, is a privately held Arizona Corporation.  Our facility is located in Chandler Arizona at 500 N 56th Street, Suite 15, Chandler Arizona 85226.  The company was founded as a Contract Manufacturer, manufacturing a wide variety of products to customer which include IBM, Intel, and IPEC all focused on high technology high quality and tight tolerance products. 

Global began manufacturing for the Self Storage Industry in December 1995 when contracted by the then, largest supplier of Access Control, Alarm System Software and associcated electronics to the Self Storage Industry. Mini Storage Technology Corporation (MSTC).   Due in large part to MSTC's lack of a continous improvement program and issues within its organization, Global quickly became the "go to" resource for owners of MSTC equipment, particularly as MSTC began to self destruct. 

Global, with its history of working with World Class organizations, began in 1998 to design its own product line, with the specific goal of providing existing MSTC users with a means to inexpensively upgrade,component by component, in a mix and match; as-necessary philosophy.  From that point forward to today, Global still allows for backward compatibility providing a very low costs means for users to upgrade and/or replace their aging or broken equipment. 

To this day, Global continues its philosphy of not discontinuing any of its products, and still maintains solutions to support users of MSTC electronic devices customers throughout the world.

Since Global began designing marketing its Axcys Product line, many new products have emerged from the Global 'skunk works' specifically targeting the needs of the Self Storage Industry.  Most notable is our  Axcys Security Software, Patented e-LocX - Globals Electronic Door Overlocking System and our Wireless Retrofit Individual Unit Alarm and well as many other unique product solutions.

Global, unlike many of its competitors in the Self Storage Industry, performs most all design, development and manufacturing operations within its factory.  Design of all types including hardware, software, electronic and mechanical are all performed within our plant by highly skilled and experienced personnel.  Global's manufacturing facility has been organized to effectively manufacture all of its products in a very efficient manner.  This allows Global to provide its customers with a very high quality products at a very competitive price.  Further, having all aspects of manufacture under our direct control, engineering can quickly produce prototypes, monitor the production quality of every product at every stage of manufacture!

Global has invested heavily in manufacturing technology and has partnered with some of the finest local (Arizona)  based suppliers as well as US companies.  These include specialty metal fabrication, paint, and tecnology companies such as Atmel and Silicon Labs.  Global is committed to design, manufacture and assembly in the United States.

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