International Partners

International Sales, Installation and Support Partners

Global has built its 26+ year history serving the Self Storage Industry by providing the best quality, reliability and useable products in the world.  Consistent with this is choosing International Installation Partners who exemplify the same quality, focus on detail, flexibility and pricing that is an integral part of Global's core philosphies.

While Globals Axcys line of products has been designed specifically for simplicity, long term reliability and ease of installation, its choice of Installation Partners is equally important.  Similarly to how Globals Engineers specify component parts of its products, Globals Senior Management specifies its Installation Partners both in and our of the United States.

Global recognizes that many Self Storage Owners, Operators, Developers and Managment Teams have their favorite local installation team.   Provided they have prior experience with your team and meet the Globals Installer Criteria, we are happy to support both you and your favorite installation team.  While this may not grant a certification from Global it also will not preclude you from using your trusted team.  This is particularly possible due to Globals engineered simplicity of design, providing maximum installation flexibility,  use flexibility and System Reliability

Global Electronics' products and services are available world wide.
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