Repair Support

Repair Support

Repair and maintenance services performed on an as-needed basis.  Repair time can be accomplished on the same day as receipt but can vary.  Walk ins are accepted with advance notice.  Normal turn time is 24-36 hours following receipt; but can vary.

How to place a Repair Order
To place a repair order, please call Toll Free:  800-591-6989 or 602-437-8005.  Have your Site License Number available (starts with an S) We will provide you with a Repair Number.  On your letterhead, please write the Repair Number, your Site License Number and a brief description of the problem you are having.

What and how we check on your unit

After receipt of your unit, we will use our Test and Evaluation Tools, the same tools that we use during the manufacture of new equipment, along with the notes you have enclosed about the problem you experienced.  We will perform as many tests as the unit to be repaired will allow.  In some cases such as Multiplexers and Receivers, the units over time have ‘drifted’ out of specification degrading performance.  A simple re-calibration is all that is necessary to effect repair on the unit.  In other cases, components may need to be replaced.   After parts are replaced, the unit will receive full original equipment testing, calibration  and burn-in exactly like new units do!

We will contact you

After a thorough review of your unit, we will call you and describe the problem we found, what is necessary to do the repair and a cost including UPS ground freight to destinations in the 48 continental United States.

Work Order Acceptance and Payment Terms

At this point YOU have the opportunity to either accept the recommendation and approve the repairs or decline the repairs.  If you elect to decline the repairs you are responsible for the service fee plus applicable shipping and handling charges.   In either case we will ask you how you would like to pay for the service.  Payment terms are set on a case by case basis.
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