How Self Storage Technology Works

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How Self Storage Technology Works

Self Storage Owners and Operators leverage technology to automate the processes involved in Operating, Controlling and Monitoring today‚Äôs modern Self Storage Facilities.  A properly designed facility can enjoy a much higher return on investment, lower churn and higher, more consistent, cash flow and operating profit.  Access and Security benefits can be leveraged in more than one way.  The most obvious is providing access control to the facility, locking out those who are delinquent - protecting the facility owner's collateral.  Another benefit is to provide a degree of security to tenants, thereby attracting tenants, or simply meeting the demands of the local market.

However a third benefit combines Revenue with Security.  Many facilities  'rent' additional security devices, such as single door alarms, rv alarms or simply enable a multiplexed unit alarm.  In some cases, facilities have certain 'zones' configured with alarms - thus commanding increased rent revenue; yet others command a higher rental price because their competitors do not have these additional security features.

Facility requirements differ for many reasons including local demographics, targeted Tenants, targeted stored items and competition.  In some cases, a single entry and exit keypad is adequate.  In others, the additional security of a multiple, in-line entry - air lock -  environment is mandatory.  Some feature multiple segregated 'keypad zones' allowing only authenticated PINs access to those areas.  Further, Axcys be configured so that the PIN must have been entered and approved first, to at least one outer perimeter access point.

Keypad Controls and Elevator Controls allow only those tenants who have Units and privileges to enter these controlled areas of the facility.  In addition, widely utilized Unit Monitoring and Alarming either by installed controls or individual, rentable Alarm products in combination with one or more of the above technologies provides each Facility with the Security it requires.

Axcys offers products which tie one or more of these together. Modern Facilities incorporate Facility Graphics technology to create a Control Center.  Managers get a real time view of all Facility activity,  Prospective tenants understand the depth and seriousness of your security and thieves are deterred. 

In addition, integration with your Rental Management Software, CCTV, Perimeter Alarm and Elevator Control Systems and Fire Systems create a completely Controlled Environment.


While integration is critical, flexibility is often the key to providing solutions to unique requirements.  A Provider with depth and the features Axcys offers, can provide a far better solution, than one who relies on outdated Products, Technology or provider of lower skill sets. Key to achieving this is, is to select the right combination of manufacturer and approved installation partner that has the experience and a complete understanding of the nuances of Self Storage. 


The manufacturers depth of product line, and an active R&D department in combination with the installation partners design and local after-sales support that ensures that the solution remains current, maintained and above all operationally relative to changes in technologies and Self Storage needs.


Global Electronics, and its installation partners understand the nuances of the Self Storage Industry and provide unique solutions to Customers World Wide, exceeding the requirements and expectations of the most discriminating Self Storage Facility Owner/Operator.