Linux System Controller

The Axcys System Controller is an Autonomous, state-of-the-art, Intelligent Platform, designed to manage all aspects of modern Self Storage Facilities including Security, Access Control, Overlocking, Individual Unit Alarms, Elevator Control, Lighting, Perimeter Alarming, Perimeter Alarm Shunting and many other applications.

Global Electronics' unique design embeds a combination of Single Board Computer (SBC) with its proprietary components to create a stand-alone, fully encapsulated, System Controller. The result is an industrial strength, ultra-high reliability System Controller providing you, your facility, Tenants and Managers with peace of mind 24/7/365!

Like other Mission Critical Applications such as manufacturing environments, water treatment plants and ATM’s the Axcys System Controller leverages the power of its Embedded Electronics with the Axcys Software in combination with the Internet to provide "Available Anywhere" benefits, without reliance on the Internet.
Axcys Linux System Controller

Linux Axcys System Controller Models Include:

•  Axcys Controller is a Critical Application, Industrial Grade Embedded Computer  System

•  Bespoke Autonomous design for continuous Facility Access Control, Security   

    Management and Data Logging  - automatically.

•  Autonomous operation

•  Leverages power of the Internet without Reliance ON the Internet

•  No reliance on any PC

•  No reliance on an Internet or LAN Connection

•  No reliance on any Server

•  No reliance on a Human

•  Secure -  your choice of Operating System including

    •  Debian Linux

    •  Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    •  Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

•  Non-Volitile Memory provided using only Ultra reliable Solid State Devices

•  High Quality industrial grade components

•  No limit on transaction data - entries, exits, door activity etc

•  Report data available years after actual events

•  Fully user configurable feature sets

•  Low Heat, High Reliability Fanless Design

•  Extensive Surge and Lightning protection built in

•  Modular design for easy upgrade and field serviceability

•  Dual Fused dry-contact relays for most any use

•  Language Independent


•  World Wide, user selectable languages supported

•  Intergrates with Property Management Systems World-Wide

•  High Quality industrial grade components

•  Date & Time Format US/UK/EU User Selectable

•  Extensive Surge and Lightning protection built in

•  Quiet Fanless Design

•  Easy install, setup and servicablility

•  Desktop or Wall Mountable Case design

•  Comes completely configured ready to operate YOUR facility

•  Desktop or Wall Mountable

•  WiFi

•  Very compact design


Fully user configurable feature sets:

•  Programmable Relay On-Time

•  High security inside and out

•  PIN Masking-display any character desired instead of actual PIN

•  Display alernates between programmable Greeting /Date/Time/Use Instruction

•  Relay Position Confirmation - Confirms to system that relay has executed command

Available Options:

•  Fire System Integration

•  Perimeter Alarm Panel Integration

•  Axcys Facility Manager

•  Battery Backed Intelligent Power Supply

Some models include these standard features:

•  1.4GHz or 1.5Ghz Quad Core ARM Processor (1.4GHz standard)

•  Power Supply

•  USB Flash Drive,  Micro SD Card, SSD

•  Audio Input/Output

•  Dual Graphics

•  HDMI Video

•  Ethernet Port

•  USB 3.x Ports

•  Two 1 Amp dry-contact relays

•  Single RS485 I/O Module

Other Models may include:

•  Wireless RS485

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Axcys System Controller Axcys System Controller