How Axcys Security Manager Works

Modern Self Storage Facilities incorporate a variety of Management and Security tools to make the business run smoothly, account for the income, protect the contents and control access to the site.  In many cases, these objectives are archived by using state of the art systems which include an assortment of Gate Access controllers, Door Monitoring alarms, Gate and Man-Door position monitoring and Camera monitors. 

These systems provide both active control and passive monitoring of the facility. A properly designed and fitted property can trace movement employees and guests 24/7/365 in real time.  Question regarding a certain date, time and/or unit can be answered quickly by generating a report from the Axcys Facility Security Management System.  Since the transaction data stored with Axcys does not expire, nor is it deleted, a report may be generated from the current date, back to any prior date to the date the product was installed.

The following diagrams how many of these systems operate together. This is a simplified version and is not all inclusive.

Accounting Software

Some Self Storage PMS Software products integrate or export information to Accounting Software such as Quick Books.  This product is used to keep a greater degree of accounting including writing checks to pay employees and other expenses and produce financial statements.

Accounting Import Function

Property Management System (PMS) Software

This is where Rentals and Rent Revenue is tracked.  Each tenant is assigned to a unit.  The PMS provides a Gate Access code.  Entries are made here when a rental occurs, payments are received, or a change in the tenant or unit is performed such as Move-In/Out,  Lock Outs etc.  This system also generates leases, late notices and other such items.

Interface updating Access/Security System

Access Control Software

This tool has two big responsibilities - Control Access to the Site and to Monitor Units for unauthorized entry.  In many cases, Access Control Software can be used either as a stand alone system or for more efficiency and better control, in conjunction with Management Software.   This is the part of the system affects a Tenant Lock Out.   If used in connection with a management system, the Access Control Software will suspend the Tenants access privledges having been instructed to "Locked Out" the Tenant; thus preventing their free access to their unit and forcing them to enter the office.

Access Control Keypad

Much like a smart phone, this device is a computer unto itself.  In addition to its primary responsibility, to accept and provide feedback from a user requestion access.

Depending on the Keypads configuration, the keypad can provide pictures from a built in camera of a person entering a code. It can also provide 2 way voice communication with the office using VoIP or an Intercom.  Most importantly, it provides an electronic means to command the gate to open when the Access Control Software sends an instruction to do so.
The system continuously monitors all Unit Door, Man Doors, Gates and all other installed monitoring devices.  Each time anything changes, a door opens or closes, Axcys creates a log entry.  If any of these are not authorized, Axcys will respond by automatically performing whatever action or actions have been configured.  These, for example, may include visual notification on the Graphix big screen,  sounding an alarm  dialing the police or sending a command to the Perimeter Alarm Panel.  Many other programmable options, and timings are also available. 

Unit Door Alarm Multiplexer

In general there are two types of Door Monitoring Alarms.  A multi-door system wired "multiplexed" system and single door alarm units.

A 'Mux' device monitors a number of units simultaneously for door open/close activity.  It sends information to Axcys which determines if it should execute its alarm notification instructions.
Each “event” is logged for reporting purposes or in the case of a break in, can be used to provide valuable assistance for the police.  Each time a gate code is entered, a Monitored item changes state, and elevator changes floors, or a Sliding Door opens, a record of the transaction is made.  A report of these can be printed at will.

Other Monitoring Devices

Other monitoring devices provide similar feedback to Axcys which uses that data for additional monitoring, alarming temporarily shunting perimeter alarms, turing on lights, instructing an elevator and many other uses.
Globals Axcys Software is designed to manage your Keypads Unit Alarm System and other integrated electronic devices.  Globals Axcys Software supports integration with all major PMS Software products - World Wide.

Graphix Real Time Visual Monitor

GraphiX, by Global Electronics, provides real-time visual feedback to the Facility Manager and visitors to the facility.  In addition to active information provided, passive deterence is of uniqu value to any visitor who may be considering an unlawful act within the property.