Axcys Security Manager

Axcys Security Manager  - The software component of Axcys Embedded.  Axcys Security Manager is a hybrid cloud, web enabled product that allows the user to view all activity of each facility, run reports, make changes to anything all using their favorite web browser from any connected location in the world!

Axcys Security Manager supports a wide variety of Tablets, PC's, MAC, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android devices. Axcys Security Manager features real time information available to credentialed users on-site, off-site, or anywhere an Internet connection is available.

In keeping with Axcys by Global Electronics' 27 year history, strict security and traceability Axcys Security Manager continues the tradition by allowing only those who should be in, to enter all or part of your facility - Axcys provides Facility Security Control, Access Control, Unit Alarming, Roller Shutter Motor Control, Elevator Management, Gate Position Monitoring, Lighting, Mag Door Locking/Monitoring, Perimeter Alarm Integration and Fire Control Integration.

Parameters such as:
  • Lockout Status
  • PIN
  • Keypad Zone/Area
  • Allowed Days
  • Allowed Hours

and other criteria are completely user configurable on a tenant by tenant basis. Axcys monitors and controls alarm systems working in conjunction with Alarm Panels, perimeter beams, multiplexed individual door alarms and much more.

Axcys Security Manager works either alone, integrated with your favorite Management Software such as Syrasoft, Storage Commander,Swamp, e-Move, Store-IT, Storman, PTI, Rent Plus, Site Link, Space Control and more!

All of Globals Axcys Software products provide:

  • Hybrid Cloud, Web Enabled

  • A unique combination of Internet flexibility without the reliance on Internet Availability!


  • Facility Security Control

  • Access Control

  • Unit Alarming

  • Roller Shutter Motor Control

  • Elevator Management

  • Gate Position Monitoring

  • Lighting

  • Man Door Monitoring

  • Perimeter Alarm Integration

  • Fire Control Integration


  • Real Time Reporting

  • Every action is recorded, no data is deleted.


  • Use Your Favorite Browser GUI

  • The User Interface is rendered through your favorite web browser leveraging the unique combination of Internet flexibility without the reliance on Internet Availability!


  • Automated & Autonomous

  • 100% Automated Facility Control, Completely Integrated with Popular Rental Software.


  • Supports Multiple Simultaneous Users

Integrates with Perimeter Alarm and/or Fire Panel


  • Supports Both Local and Internet Users

  • Supports simultaneous local LAN and Internet User logins.


  • Expandable and Up-Gradable

  • Expandable as Your Facility Grows - Up Gradable to include most new products


  • 100% Industrial Grade

  • Highest Quality Software and Hardware Design For Demanding Critical Facility Control 24/7/365.


  • Your Local Language

  • User defined remote messaging input and controlled by you, the owner and user. 

  • Languages and fonts supported include Russian and Eastern European.


  • Facility Graphics

  • Active Visual Facility Notification


  • Multi Platform

  • Available in your choice of Linux or Windows Models.


  • Multi-Facility - Cloud

*Coming Soon! Optionally available multi-facility simultaneous monitoring leveraging Cloud technologies.