Axcys Security Software

Axcys Security Manager - Browser based software

Since 1995, Self Storage facilities around the world have relied on Global Electronics' superior quality products and services for their Security and Access Control needs.  As part of Globals on-going product development and enhancement commitment, Global has released its much anticipated next generation Web Enabled Security Manager System. 

In keeping with Globals no-discontinue policy, Globals mature Axcys Integrated Security Software will remain fully supported into the foreseeable future including offering supported operation under Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11. 

Although many customers are already using Axcys on various Windows platforms, Globals OS Policy dictates waiting for all new OS's to mature at least 1 year before formally supporting; thus delaying Windows 11 use.

Globals next generation, Axcys Security Manager, offers additional features including Cross Platform Compatibility for these operation systems Windows, Mac and Linux.  In addition to the impressive list of features available with Axcys Integrated Security Software, Axcys Security Manager offers many more including these important benefits:
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud and LAN Configurations
  • Browser based Graphical User Inteface
  • Web Enabled - no third party products necessary
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
PC based Axcys Main Screen Showing recent activity and which tenants are on site!

All of Globals Axcys Software products provide:

• The Highest Reliabity 24/7/365

• Windows Compatibility

• Extensive Support

      • Backed by Global and World Wide Affiliates!

      • Low cost support for both your electronic hardware and software

      • Low Cost Upgrades

• Designed for reliable un-attended operation!

• Personal service

• Low Cost Upgrades

• Products meet your specific requirements!

• Updates are FREE to licensed users!

• Low cost support for both your electronic hardware and software including installation/set up for updates!


• Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1  32 & 64bit 

• Reliable 24/7/365 Opens Gate day in, day out!!

• Easy to use - no maintenance!

• Automatic Integration with your favorite Property Management System!

• Make Management and Security easy, effective and inexpensive!

• Works automatically without user interference necessary!

• Designed for reduced management and manager-less operations!

• Designed for reliable un-attended operation!

• Accurate Easy Reports!

• No False Alarms!

• Automatically re-arms Alarms even when door is open!

• Internet Enabled! - Access your site from your home using the internet!

• Extensive features!

• Preserves your collateral!

• Upgrade your MSTC Software, KEEP your KEYPADS!

• Part of the Axcys Facility Security Management System

Advantages of The Axcys Family of Integrated Products

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64bit compatible!  Designed for reliable un-attended operation!  Personal service  Product Features  Price  Performance  Low Cost Upgrades  Automatic Overlock System  Product mix to meet your specific requirements!  Users determine what new features are added!  Updates are FREE to licensed users!  Low cost support for both your electronic hardware and software including installation/set up for updates!

Features - Short List

• All features and functions 100% USER customizable/settable/Changeable!

• Real-Time On Screen Display of Access/Site Activity!  Complete Integration with Self Storage Property Management Systems

• Unlimited Customizeable Messages

• Display different messages on each keypad

• Unique messages displayed on each keypad

• Each action treated as a transaction

• All Transactions Saved - never deleted!

• Tenant information incorporatable into keypad messages  Completly configurable gate hours

• Unlimited Keypad Zone Hours - allows different tenants access at different times - you can charge more for extra accessibility!

• Unlimited Weekend Hours

• Unlimited Holidays

• Unlimited Keypad Zone Areas - Allows tenant access to only those areas where they should be. Buildings, doors, floor, gates etc!

• Multiple PIN Codes accepted

• 1 to 18 digit codes available.

Site Lite Graphical User Interface