Globals desktop Communicator is a low cost communication device providing connectivity between Access Control Keypads, Individual Unit Alarms and other components of the Axcys Family and Globals Axcys Software running on your computer.  Global recommends Window 10, however also supported Windows versions include Windows 7, 8 and Windows 8.1.   The communicator connects to the computer by either direct Serial cable, or USB to Serial Adapter.

Communicator models are available that support either facilities with Individual Unit Alarms and Keypad Access Control, or Keypad Access Control alone.

Like all of Globals other products, these are designed specifically for the challenges of Self Storage environments. Made of the highest quality materials for years of high performance service, Global's Controllers offer high performance, expandability and many features not available from our competitors.
Low Cost Axcys Desktop Communicator

Desktop Communicator Features

  • LED Indicators for PC Connection, TXD and RXD
  • USB or Serial Connectivity
  • 5V Power Supply Included
  • Built-In Lightning Protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Current overload protection
  • Mix and Match with Legacy, Future and Existing Global Products
  • RS485 or Modem
  • Supports Legacy MSTC devices
  • Alarm Ready Option available
  • Works with Win7, Win8 and Win10
  • 4 Dry-Contact Relays optionally available
  • No Maintenance
  • Battery Backable
  • Use existing wiring
  • Supports Parallel, Star, Tree or any combination of wiring topography designs