Single Unit Wireless Door

Features - Wireless Door Monitoring

• Rent Alarm to Tenant

•  Increase operation revenue

•  Increase security

•  Differentiate your facility from competitors

•  1 year limited warranty!

•  2-5 year battery life 

•  User servicable batteries 

•  Dual internal contacts allow vertical or horizontal mounting  Internal

•  Tamper detection 

•  Transceiver design for zero loss communication 

•  High Reliability design 

•  Programmable auto check-in 

•  Programmable contact de-bounce 

•  No maximum unit limit 

•  Designed specifically for the needs of Self Storage. 

•  For use inside and out of metal buildings and containers. 

•  Frequency selected specifically for use in environments with

    high radio traffice and interference

•  Frequencies for UK/Europe and US

•  Head End Transceivers designed for high performance

•  Redundant communication and Acknowledgements built in

•  Range 300+ feet outdoor, 500+ feet indoor within all metal building,

   3 floors with metal/concrete floors

•  Extremely small footprint 4.06(L) x 1.815(w) x 1.283(H)

Programmable Features

Features - Wireless  Contact for Unit and Container Door Monitoring

•  Address

•  Zone

•  Programmable enable/disable:

•  Indicator LED's

•  Unused contacts extends battery life

•  Tamper detection

•  Programmable auto check-in 

•  Programmable contact de-bounce 

•  Transmit retries