Relay Controls

Relay Board  - Relays can be configured to work with perimeter alarms shunting them as appropriate
Case not shown for clarity

Fully User Programmable

• Time/Day/Date/Unit/Code + Any Combination

• Automation Of  Any Switchable Device

• Independant control over each relay

• Relay On Time

• Delay To Turn On or Off

• Tie to any keypad or alarm or other device


• High Quality Low Cost

• Fully user settable programmable feature sets

• Industrial Grade Components

• Attractive, Heavy Duty Powder Coat Painted Aluminum Case

• Gasketed Case Design provides superior weather resistance

• Extensive Surge and Lightning protection built in

• Modular design for easy upgrade and field servicability

• 8 Independant Fully Programmable Relay Channels!

• Each Dry-Relay Individually Fuse Protected!

• Use as Normally Open Or Normally Closed!

• May be used for virtually any function


• Magnetic Door Locks                                                       

• Roll Up Door                                                                                                            

• Sliding Door                                                                    

• Roller Shutter                                                                      

• Magnetic Door Locks                                                             

• Sequenced Sliding Doors                             

• PIR/Perimeter Alarm Shunting

• Lighting

• Elevator Floor Control  Lighting

• PIR Shunting  Alarm Shunting

• Magnetic Man Door Locks

• Gate Opening Delayed Device Actuation

• Your Custom Solution