Global Electronics Philosophy

Globals Philosophy

Global Electronics, Ltd.  has principal goals: Provide quality products to its customers; to return to the community some of the benefit that Global has gained through jobs and training. We accomplish this by completing the mission as stated below: 

Deliver to our customers
  •  Quality products at a competitive
  •  Price with world class customer
  •  Service.

The uniqueness of Global Electronics is the methods and the management’s' attitudes employed to achieve the goals of its mission statement. Global's approach to its business is:

Partnership  Global works very closely with both customers and our vendors to form a working, strategic partnership.

Global maintains a posture of flexibility throughout its organization, creating and fostering a climate for all employees to participate enabling them to express their creativity in developing new, proprietary processes. This enables Global to advise its customers in their efforts to improve manufacturing efficiencies which enables them to compete more effectively.

Cost Containment
Global continually maintains cost containment programs which increase productivity and quality. For example, Global's manufacturing and procurement teams engage in creative assembly and procurement practices allowing a competitive advantage over competition and reduced prices to you, our valued customer.

Unbounded services At Global - "we don't think why we shouldn't" or "why it can't be done", we think of special circumstances as opportunities and respond in a positive manner. In today's ultra-competitive world, Global is flexible and responsive to our customers needs by providing or coordinating virtually any service required to successfully design, manufacture and ultimately bring to the marketplace a product.

Global's principals believe that traditional business practices must be re-evaluated. To achieve the best possible position for Global, its customers and its vendors, Global feels it essential to actively pursue creativity in procurement practices and non-traditional manufacturing techniques that improve quality and efficiencies.

Assembled in USA
Global Electronics is committed to keeping manufacturing and business opportunities within the United States. Global actively and successfully compete with off-shore organizations to achieve this goal.

Common Objectives
The management of Global encourages its vendors-and customers to join in our efforts to achieve these objectives and invite constructive criticism and input to the mutual benefit of all parties.