Axcys Local Area Network Transfer

Globals Axcys LAN Transfer is a zero configuration, zero maintenance file transfer system designed expressly for incorporation into the Axcys family of products by Global Electronics, Ltd.   Axcys LAN Transfer provides the user with an easy to install, zero network configuration solution to updating the Facility Security Management System with the latest data provided by the users choice of Property Management Systems.   In addition to its superior functionality, logging and history backing, Globals LAN Transfer product offers the additional feature of Cross Platform Compatibility.
AXCYS PMS interface


• Zero Network Configuration

• No network mapping required

• Unique Technology bypasses  Windows and AntiVirus blocking

• Many To One topology allows multiple Manager PC's to operate

   simulataneously each updating Axcys in real time

• Full event logging for each PMS transfer

• Exact copy of each PMS saved in database and on disk for

  future reference by the PMS provider

• Easy PMS/Interface selection


• Easy to use - no user input required

• Automated - continuously looks for and acts on PMS updates

• Automatic Integration with your favorite Property Management System!

• Make Management and Security easy, effective and inexpensive!

• Works automatically without user interference necessary!

• Designed for reduced management and manager-less operations!

• Designed for reliable un-attended operation! 

AXCYS Stnadalone Interface Configuration