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International Unique Requirements - Solved!

Global has built its 19 year history serving the Self Storage Industry by providing the best quality, reliability and useable products in the world.  Consistent our 19 year history serving the Self Storage Industry,  Global's products, and product enhancements have been instigated both internally and by Customers requests – from all corners of the world.

Global's engineers have traveled the world to gain the unique perspective only attainable by actually “being there”.  This has provided Global with the ability to recognize and understand the unique requirements of UK and European Self Storage Owners, Operators and Tenants.  Global Electronics' Axcys products have been designed specifically to provide the flexibility to configure language, phrases, messaging and many other aspects of the system to meet each customers unique requirements – regardless of their world wide location.

Global recognizes the differences that exist from location to location world wide with regard to real security, access control and reporting.  Globals Axcys products not only provide an “appearance” of serious security, but a the Reality of Serious Security – in every language!

Global places a premium on simplicity of design which provides for maximum installation flexibility,  use flexibility and System Reliability!

Features Expressly For Canada, UK & Europe

Tenant Messaging

100% Customizable messaging in the language of  YOUR choice

No special "Language Chip" or other hardware required.

All messaging may be saved, changed, or edited anytime you desire.


Self Storage Managment Software Integration

Axcys Software supports major Tenant Management Software. If your favorite is not on our list, we will work to create that solution.


eMove - UHaul

Radical Systems  - Space Manager

Store-IT Stand Alone

Store-IT 365 (cloud)

StorMan Integration

Site Link Integration

Complete Integration List

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