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Global has been  the exclusive manufacturer of MSTC brand Keypads, Receivers and Alarm System components such as the Mux Box and Single Transmitters since 1995!  Due to lack of demand, there is limited supply of repair, parts for these products.  If parts are not available, other options do exist to facilitate getting your gate back up quickly.  Call us for new, re-furbished, replacement parts and other options
Toll FREE 800-591-6989.
Since 1995 Global Electronics, Ltd.  has  served the Self Storage Industry manufacturing the complete MSTC line of Electronic Security Products.  Having perfected the Axcys Family of Integrated Security Products, our same Engineers and Technicians that have designed and manufactured the Axcys and MSTC products can also provide you with quality repair, maintenance services and replacement parts in addition to new equipment.
Support Options

for your Electronic Access Control and/or Security Systems is available from a variety of sources.  These include access to our manuals in the documents section of our website, field service technicians and from Globals telephone and email Technical Support Team.


Global offers telephone and email support for Global and MSTC brands of products.  Support is not free; It is low cost pre-paid service, much like an insurance policy.  Billed on an annual basis, normally in December for the coming calendar year.  For current prices,  and other support options, please call Toll FREE 800-591-6989.   Globals support plan provides unlimited telephone and email technical support during its regular hours.  Also included is one free
**  're-install' per year if necessary (necessary normally due to a catestrophic failoure of your computer, such as a hardware failure, Windows crash, or virus).   The cost of Support plan is very reasonable when compared with the large hourly cost of a local IT/Computer repair person who will not be familiar with the nuances of specialty Self Storage Software, hardware or setups required.

About Globals Support Services
Globals Telephone Technical Support is available to help you diagnose and/or correct your problem. In many cases when the problem is not with our equipment, we are able to narrow the problem down to what is the cause, lessening the cost when an on-site service technician is required.

What We Can Do
Globals Support team utilize several tools to access your computer and/or Controller directly.  This allows us to access special tools that provide feedback and diagnostic information from our equipment.  With your aid describing the problem, we can diagnose and correct the issue quickly and efficiently. If the problem is not with our equipement (such as a gate problem), we can often provide valuable diagnostic information for your field service technician. 

Our technicians can also provide:
•  Answers to your questions regarding operation
•  How to's
•  Make changes to the software configuration - fine tuning the facility operation to your exact

Global also provides:
•  Full repair facilities on Globals premises, units are repaired to original factory specifications!
•  Replacement Parts—ready to ship, fully warranted!
•  Extended Warrantee—COVERS VADALISM and LIGHTNING!!!
•  Rental Units may be available while your units are in for repair should repair to your electronic
    hardware be necessary.
Global offers a comprehensive Software  Upgrade/Update/Off-Site Support Plan which provides protection for its customers' investment by keeping their software up to date with the latest version of the software product they have purchased.  In addition, our Comprehensive Care package includes:

•  Axcys  annual license fee
•  Continuous Software Upgrades
•  Unlimited Skype, Telephone and Email Support
•  Once a year FREE
** Axcys software re-installation
A Support Option  is included in most quotes and purchase agreements.   If elect to purchase Support as part of your purchase,  it is available to you, your managers, and installers when working on the covered property.  The Support plan begins when the product is invoiced – not when installed or shipped and ends on the last day of the calendar year - 12/31/xx.

Support is available M-F 10:30AM to 5:30 PM MST.  Email support is also available by contacting;  this is monitored periodically 7 days a week.  

If you elect not to purchase contract support either separately or as part of Globals Comprehensive Customer Care, support is still available on a per call or email basis by the minute.  A  minimum charge of 15 minutes(or part thereof) for each call and 5 minutes for each email.  After the first 15 minutes (or first email) the  request is charged in 15 minute (or part thereof) increments.  Payment is expected at the time of service and must be paid by credit card or Pay Pal.

Please contact us for current pricing.
**Once a year FREE Axcys software re-installation is for non alarmed facilities only, alarmed facilities shall incur a small additional fee for each occurrence.
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