E-9000 - Full Size Case
Illuminated 4 Line x 20 Character Display. - learn more
Case sized and designed to support your choice of internal equipment
•  VoIP Telephone - learn more
•  Intercom Station
•  Pinhole Camera - learn more
•  Door Position Monitor - learn more
•  Wireless - learn more

E-8100 - Flat Panel Compact Size
Smooth Flat Panel perfect for elevator walls and other tight spaces.
•  Reduces snags by user clothing or goods.
•  Illuminated 2 Line x 20 Character Display - learn more
•  Door Position Monitor - learn more

E-8000 -  Compact Size
All of the standard features of the E-9000 in compact case
•  Compact Case design
•  Illuminated 2 Line x 20 Character Display. - learn more
•  Door Position Monitor - learn more

E-7100 - Pico Flat Panel
Very compact design - fits in standard light switch box.
•  Metal Lighted Keypad
•  Red/Green LED indicators
•  RS485 Communication
Access Control Devices   provide the first impression to your tenants for the security and usability of your facility.  Bright clear and concise displays provide Tenants with Use Instruction, Account Information and the ability to request access to your facility at primary entry/exit points as well as Controlled Access Points within the property.  They also provide managers with Tenant tracability from entry to exit!  When a facility utilizes Individual Unit Alarms this traceability extends to the Unit Door opening and closing.
Conversion Kits available! 
Conversion kits allow easy upgrade to Axcys from:
•  PTI                                                                                      •  Digitech
•  MSTC                                                                                  •  Sentinel
•  Quickstor                                                          •  Others on Request

All ExclypX Keypad Models feature
•  High Quality Low Cost
•  Fully user settable programmable feature sets
•  Industrial Grade Components
•  Attractive, Heavy Duty Powder Coat Painted Aluminum Case
•  Gasketed Case Design provides superior weather resistance
•  Extensive Surge and Lightning protection built in
•  Modular design for easy upgrade and field servicability
•  Illumuniated Metal Anti-Vandal Touchpad for easy nightime use features both a
   tactile and audible user feedback
•  BIG high resulution 4 or 2 Line x 20 LCD or OLED display,  High visibilty backlit
   display for easy viewing day or night - learn more
•  Optional Extra Bright, Ultra High Contrast OLED Display available - learn more
•  Rubber Touchpad optionally available
•  Fused dry-contact relays
•  Multiple Communication mediums available - Optically Isolated RS485 Standard
•  Many options and Add-Ons available - learn more
Standard Programmable features
•  Address
•  PIN Masking
•  Date Format   US or UK/EU
•  Time Format  US or UK/EU
•  Touchpad 'feel'
•  Relay Position Confirmation
•  Display scroll timing
•  Relay On-Time
•  Communication Timing

•  User creatable messages in most any language
    or all messages.  No "language chip" necessary.
     •  Greeting
     •  Entry
     •  Exit
     •  Area
     •  Hours
     •  PIN
     •  Access denied
     •  Access approved
     •  Door Open
Conforms to UL specification 294
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