How Globals Cloud Technology Works

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Axcys Leverages the Internet Connectivity Benefits

The Axcys Facility Security Management System provides Self Storage Owners, Operators and Managers with the unique ability to obtain real time information from their facilities using any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world, at any time! 

The technology utilized by Globals Axcys Facility Security Manager, leverage the “anywhere” Connectivity Benefits of the Internet, while maintaining the autonomy and security of Installed Facility Control.  On Site Managers and peripheral products available from Global such as Facility Graphics, Gate Position Detectors and other unique sensing technology products may connect directly to the Control System using the Facility LAN, or through an Internet Connection.


Best and most importantly, should the Internet fail, the facility continues to operate, as usual - without any interruption.  This is achieved by Global combination of highly automated, completely controllable, Facility Based Control Equipment with Flexible User Interface Software to connect directly with the facilities Controller.


Alternatively, your favorite Browser may be used to connect to your account within Globals Axcys ConneX! website.  While there is a slight delay using Axcys ConneX! the same information is available.

Conversion Kits available!

Conversion kits allow easy upgrade to Axcys from:

  • PTI                                                                                    
  • Digitech
  • MSTC
  • Sentinel
  • Quickstor
  • Others on Request