Display Options All displays include:
•  Highly visible backlight for easy viewing day or night
•  Adjustable Contrast
•  Wide Viewing Angle allows to be seen from most any point of view.
•  Extended Fonts support Chinese, US, Eastern European and Russian
    language writing.

•  BIG high resolution 4 or 2 Line x 20 LCD display, high visibilty backlit
   display for easy viewing day or night
•  LCD -  features bright rear illuminated High Contrast
    •  Wide Temperature (-20°C  to +70°C)
    • Display messages in the Local Language!
    • Includes Japanese/US/UK/.Fonts. 

•  OLED - features extra bright Ultra High Contrast
   •  ultra wide operating temperature (-40°C  to +80°C)
   • Display messages in the Local Language!
   • Extended Fonts support English, Japanese, Western European and Russian

**Note the number of lines depends on the Keypad model selected.
Access Control Keypad Options
Tenant Intercom/Communication
•  VoIP Internet Telephone
•  Aiphone (LEF) Internal Call Station
Choice of Communication medium
Global can provide the best communcation medium and method to suit your facilities specific requirements.
•  Wired Optically Isolated RS485 is our standard
•  Wired Modem
•  Wireless  Options
    •  900/838 Mhz Spread Spectrum, Frequency Hopping
    •  RS 485 - 20 MILE line of site range!  
    •  838 For UK and Europe Only
    •  433 Mhz International
Available Door Position Monitor
Shows Man Door, Roll Up Door, Sliding Door  - any door styles door position.   Especially beneficial for automation of properties or remote facility monitoring and control.
•  Door Open
•  Door Closed
Touchpad Options - All touchpads feature
•  Internal illumuniation for easy nightime use
•  Tactile user feedback
•  Audible user feedback

Available Touchpad Types
•  All Metal Anti-Vandal - Does not fade or wear - Standard
•  Anti-Vandal - Does not fade or wear - Reduced Cost
•  Rubber - Lowest Cost
Conversion Kits available! 
Conversion kits allow easy
upgrade to Axcys from:
•  PTI                                                                                      •  Digitech
•  MSTC                                                                                  •  Sentinel
•  Quickstor                                                          •  Others on Request

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