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Electronic Overlocking with Included Alarm System! e-LocX only from Global Electronics, Ltd.

Global Electronics' e-LocX is a complete security solution which includes both the innovative features of electronic, automated over-lock with an individual door alarm in one system!  e-LocX can be configured for either internal installation or external installation depending on your needs, or if the building is under construction or has been in service for many years! 


The most unique feature of e-LocX is that of Automated Electronic Over-lock, where all units are kept over-locked until a gate code is entered by the tenant who has leased the space and is not in "locked out" status.  Designed specifically to protect your collateral and your tenants belongings in an environment of limited or no on-site management.  However, traditional storage sites with "live on site managment"  have recieved the many benefits that e-LocX provides.


These are just some of the lucky, carefree, e-LocX  Users!

Electronic and Cylender Locks Working Together

Cornville Country Storage began renting its 185 units.  To maximize return on investment, the facility was designed without space for an office, on-site manager or attendant.  Instead of human resources, Page Rush chose to incorporate technology which features e-LocX electronic overlocking / alarm system in his facility design.  Incorporating 


e-locX for Alarm Security and Automated Over Locking (thus securing his collateral and his tenants belongings) , an OpenTechAlliance Kiosk, Site Link Management Software and the internet for control while away on fishing trips!


Immediately, Cornville Country Storage started to fill.  After only 2  short months, the facility is already 55% full says Mr Rush.  We're alrady looking at a second phase!

The Future of the Self Storage Industry 2006

Having Global Electronics' e-LocX Electronic Over Locking System at my site of 636 units, frees up my management time and my relief manager from having to put overlocks on and off daily!  It's a great extra security feature for a property. My customers love it!


When I have a question, "support" is always there to help when needed.

Axcys Integrated Security Control Software

In addition to its application in new sites or replacement of existing equipment using the Axcys Family of Integrated Security Control Products, Axcys Software was designed to control the MSTC brand of Keypads and Alarm system components.  So if a site wants to discontinue an existing relationship with MSTC, there is NO NEED to remove and replace the keypads.  Axcys is a "drop in" replacement for the MSTC software.  Since Global manufactures and supports the MSTC brand of electronics the relationship between the site and MSTC may be eliminated in its entirety.

These are just Some of our Users

“We use Axcys because we require reliable, inexpensive security solutions offering great support and compatibility with out existing security hardware.”


-Ray McRae,


Vice President Storage Solutions 

Contact Phone:  480-844-3900

“Service above and beyond!”  Our managers couldn’t be happier!”


- Jerry Hart, MIS Director

National Self Storage

Contact Phone:  520-577-9777 

Reliable Gate Access Control is imperative

for successful operation of any Self Storage Property!


Since 1995, Global Electronics has been providing High Quality, Reliable Gate Access Controls Systems, Individual Unit Alarm Systems and our e-LocX patented Automated Overlock, to the Self Storage Industry.  


Global's Axcys Software Solution, provides automated Delinquency Control for both Entering and Exiting the Facility.  So even if a past due tenant is able to tailgate into the property, they will get "caught" inside when trying to use their code to exit! 


Ask one of our newest customers Tracy Hoover!  This is exactly what happened at his Un-Attended Facility in Oaklahoma!