• Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Glossary Of Terms
System Overview
System Architechture
System Components
Axcys Controllers
All-In-1- System Controller
Desktop Communicator
Keypad Access Devices
Test Kit
Test Kit With Communicator and Keypad
Power Supplies
Wall & Desktop Mounted Power Supplies
Intelligent Power Supply
Wired Individual Door Alarms
Power Architecture
Intelligent Power Supply
Board Diagram - IPS Controller Plus 4 Power Zones PCB
Wiring Diagram IPS 4 Power Zone & Controller Power
Board Diagram - IPS 8 Zone PCB
IPS V2 Interior showing Voltage Adjust
IPS Cabinet/Enclosure Dimensions and Drawing
Special Notes
Communicator & Controllers
Access Control
Gate Access Control Architecture
Keypad Strike / Mag Lock Access Control Architecture
Access Control Keypads
Alarming Units
Alarm/Unit Monitoring Architecture
Wired Alarms
Currently Supported Interfaces
Access Control Features
Time Zones
How Self Storage Access, Security and Monitoring Works
Gate Access Major Components
Gate Operator Connected Components
Operating System Specific
Recommended Windows Settings
Windows XP
Win XP USB Power & Other Power Control
Win XP USB-1
Win XP USB-2
Win XP USB-3
Startup without entering Password
Windows 7
Disable/Turn Off User Account Control Win7
ODBC 32 Bit Drivers
Windows 8
Win 8 Start Menu
Windows 10
Win 8 Start Menu
Startup without entering Password
Controller Specific
Command Line Shutdown
Add/Remove Shutdown Options
Remove Logon Requirment when No Password is set
Set/Create To Run As A Service
How to Manually Install Windows Service
Linux Commands
Linux Notes
What Kernel is being used?
Command Line Backup .Txt example
How to get the OS Version
SD Card Formating
Date, Time & Time Zone
Manually Set Time Zone - GUI
Manually Set Time Zone
Manually Set Time Zone Using Webmin
Manually Set Date and Time Using Webmin
Automatic Date and Time Syncronization Webmin
Linux Controller
How to find thge Distro ID, Codename and Release
How to find Kernel Version and User Name
Change SFTP Password
Change headless screen resolution for VNC
Reset to Default PW
Linux Fonts
Auto-Start Applications
How to create Linux Service
New VIEWER Auto Start Method
New ENGINE Auto Start Method
New INTERFACE Auto Start Method
New Web Service Client Auto Start Method
Comm Port
Default COM Port Name
List serial ports
Port Permissions
Enable Pi Serial UART
raspberrypi:0 - TightVNC Viewer window
raspberrypi:0 - TightVNC Viewer window
LAN Transfer Port
MAC OS Notes
Axcys Integrated Security Software
Axcys Installation
Axcys Installation from Installer
Start Installer
With the installer started, click on "No Questions Asked"
Accept the License
Installer doing its job
All done.
Pervasive Installation
Install PSQL
Finishing up
Navigate to the folder C:\Axcys
Set priviledges
Setting COM Object Properties
Changing Settings.
Set Admin Rights
Install License
Paste Your License
Setting Windows Parameters
Things To Do
Tenant Wizard
Locate The Tenants Menu Heading
From Tenants Menu, click Tenant Wizard
Warning dialog appeard
Select what you want to do. In this case, we are adding a Tenant
To enter a new Tenant
Illistrates the entered data
Confirm (add-on) Changes
Select the unit, or units to assign this wiring to.
A selected unit
Completed - Back to where we started - ready for next tenant addition
Change Lockout Status
Find Tenant
Selected account shown
Change account status
Apply changes to all areas of the accout - as necessary,
Account already exists warning.
Move Out/Delete Tenants
Select Tenant to Move Out
Tenant Selected
NRC Code Wizard
NRC Wizard Overview
Fill in User Details
Select NRC Unit
Change existing NRC Code
Select Existing NRC
Enter the NEW NRC code
Finish changing NRC Code
View Existing NRC Codes
Delete NRC Code
Select the Existing NRC Code to Delete
Finish Deleting NRC Code
Printing Reports
Click the PRINT button to start
Main Printing Screen
Main Gate Access Selection Areas
Limit By Date
Report for all activity for a specific date
Select a Specific Unit
Report for a specific Unit
System Maintenance
Backing Up Data
Backing Up Application
Location of Installer and other Files
Replacing Transaction Files
Property Management System Interface [Gate] & LAN Transfer
Interface Process Overview
Interface Process Flow Chart
Set up Site Link Gate/Hardware Interface
Step 1. Log Into Site Link
Step 2. Traverse throught the menus
Step 3. Set SL Gate Interface parameters
Step 4. Do a test, update the gate for ALL Tenants
Currently Supported PMS Interfaces
How To Create Multi-Tiered Security - Incorporating A Separate Perimeter Alarm System
Facility Main Gate
Secure Automated Exterior Door
Interior Controlled Sliding Door
Exit Process Flow Chart
What is a Portal?
How to create a Portal?
How to use a Portal
Using Portal with GraphiX
LAN Transfer Zero Configuration PMS Networking Overview
Axcys LAN Transfer Step By Step
Axcys LAN Transfer Controller Side (Windows Only)
Configure Interface Details
Stand Alone Interface Configuration window
Axcys LAN Transfer PMS Interface Screens
Connected Members
Transferred File List
Axcys LAN Transfer Client PC Side
Axcys LAN Transfer PMS File Transfer Screens
Connected Members
Transferred File List
Process Flow Chart
Hardware / Electronics
First Steps
** Very Important! Earth Grounding
Drain, Power & Data Wire Drawing
Theory Of Operation
Readme/Notes/Best Practices
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) precautions
Electrical Specs
Communication Technologies
Best Practices
In General
Connector Attachment
Address Best Practices
How to determing Keyad Address
Installation Checklist
System Testing
Wiring Schematic & Network Topology OverView
** Very Important - Earth Grounding
Wiring Diagram - Axcys Controller / Communication
Quick Start Guide
Eclypx Access Control Keypads Over View
Features and Benefits Summary
User Programmable Features
Technical Features
Axcys Software
Optional Features
General Operation
Displayed Messaging
Board Connection Drawing & Descriptions
Data Wire Connection
Gate Motor Relay Installation
Installing Optional Pin Hole Camera
Installing Optional Intercom Option
Programming EclypX Digital Access Control Keypad Address
Keypad Settings
Special FunctionsSpecial Functions
Reading Settings at the keypadReading Settings at the keypad
Special Hardware Settings
Replacing Fuses
Proxitrol Multiplexed Door Monitor / Alarm
Mux Case Mounting
Mux/Remote Power & Data Wire Diagram
Wired Mux Trunk Line Connections
Installing Magnets, Contacts and Quick Switches
WIred Mux WIring Diagram Example
Magnet & Contact Sketch
Quick Switch Install
Prepping Trunk Line Cable
Using On-Board Relays
PCB Door Contact Connections
Door Alarm Testing
Repeat Mux Test
Check on Bench
Use Jumper Wire to Test Mux
Use Keypad to place Tenant On-Site
Documenting your install
Recommend Connectors
Wiring Diagram - Power, Wire, Network Topology
Wiring Schematic & Network Topology
Wire & Cable
Drain, Power & Data Wire Drawing
Power Supply Specifications
Axcys Controller Version 1&2
Axcys Emebedded Controller
Quick Start Guide
Axcys Embedded Controller
Quick Start Axcys Security Manager Controller
Proper Shut Down
Front Panel
Rear Panel
Axcys Desktop Communicator
Axcys Wireless Systems
Wireless Hand Held Tester
Wireless Alarm Test & Configuration Software
Global Electronics Test Tool - Diagnostyx
Wireless Alarm Contact Software Controls
Wireless Contact Configuration
Programming Wireless Contacts
Wireless Remotes Addressing Protocol
Programming Remotes
Switch Check Interval
Enabling Switches
Wireless Contact Orientations
Alive Notice
Wireless Zones
Wireless Controller/Head End
Wireless Head End Connections
Enclosure Mounting
Wireless Head End
Wireless Alarm Contact
Wireless Contact Board
Mounting Orientations
Enclosure to Metal Base
Magnet Positions
Power Supply Specifications
Relay Controller
Perimeter Alarm Shunting
Multiplexed Wired Alarms
Wiring Diagram - Mulitplexed Alarm Topology
Drain, Power & Data Wire Drawing
Wire & Cable 25 Condutor or Similar with Sheild & Drain
Wired Mux Trunk Line Connections
Mux/Remote Power & Data Wire Diagram
Wireless RS485 Communication
About Wireless RS485
Facility Wireless RS485 Overview Block Diagram
Suggested Order Of Operations
Wireless RS485 Connections Overview Schematic Drawing
Wireless RS485 Office End
Wireless RS485 Remote End
Wireless Module Connector Pinout
Power, Wire & Cable
Antenna Cabling
Mounting Yagi Antena
Mounting Omni Directional Antenna
Configuration & Setup
Mechanical Drawings
EclypX E-9000 Series
EclypX E-9000 Series Mounting Holes
EclypX B8000 Mounting Holes
IPS Cabinet/Enclosure Dimensions and Drawing
Controller Mounting
Proxitrol Mux Mounting
System Configuration and Setup
Addressing Remotes
Address Best Practices
How to determing Keyad Address
Starting off
Start DiagnostyX
Step two - Enter a Known Address
Changing the address
Verify Address Changed
How to determine device Address
Type four zeros (0000) into the field Poll Custom Remote Number
Importing Mux Data into Axcys Security Software
Check your LockList .csv file for errors.
Launch Axcys_Converter5x.exe
Check Resulting Import
Checking Units have been imported.
Check Muxes Exist.
Add Relays for Muxes
View Relays Assignments
Surge Protector
Keypad Surge Proctector
Muliplexer, and other device surge protector
Install Surge Protector on MSTC
LAN Settings and Tools
LAN Ports
Setting Up DSL Modem/Router
Ports to Open & Forward
How To: Command Line Manual UPnP Control
Enable UPnP
Router Suggestion
Port Listing
VNC Connections
Default VNC Password
Port Forwarding
Setting Up DSL Modem/Router
Ports to Open & Forward
Help And Support
Trouble Shooting
Determining What Is Wrong
Touble Shooting Chart
No Devices working procedure - Not for new installs
Check Gate Operation Without Keypad
What to do if one device fails?!
How To?
How to Start/Restart the Axcys System
How to get Help and Support
How to Replace Component Modules
Print Reports
Note Worthy Items
Turning off the computer
Access Codes/PIN
Maximum PIN/Code Size
Gate Access Major Comonents
Gate Operator Connected Components
Convert MSTC to Axcys
Convert Modem To RS485
Mechanical Drawings
Warranty - Repairs - Repair Parts
In Warranty Repairs
Out-of-Warranty Repairs
Wireless Warranty and Disclaimer
Wiring Diagrams
Drain Wire
Keypads and Controller/Communicator
Keypad + Door Strike and Controller/Communicator
Keypads and Controller/Communicator + Wireless Transceiver
Multiplexed Wired Alarm + Controller/Communicator
Wireless RS485 + Keypads
Wireless RS485 + Keypads and Controller/Communicator
How to Back Up